Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Green Packaging Exhibition - The logotype design process.

Logotype for "Green Packaging", a traveling exhibition curated by Material Connexion Bangkok. This exhibition contains an information about the packaging that is pretty much linked to consumption and waste. The more people consume, the more packaging they use, the more waste we have. We worked with all(zone), a group of happy design professionals who joyfully collaborate with other specialists across the borders of their fields and country. Working with all(zone) throughout the process was great fun, since we always had interesting discussions, exchanging ideas, alternating design and so on. Very exciting indeed.
For this exhibition, we carry on visual and information design. For this part, we work with "The God Net", the greatest young graphic designer of this time. And here is the process of work on exhibition logotype.
The logotype idea is very simple, think about consumer products on the shelf. We create a Logotype that can move and change in many directions. The logotype system based on the order processing. And of course, we follow the exhibition design that create like in a supermarket where you are overwhelmed by all the products with different labels and packaging.

zense of joy Silom

For the the third branch of Zense of Joy spa, we developed the graphic direction with the client and In-Side-Out Architect & Interior studio. Because the location of this branch, Silom is the central business district of Bangkok and also this is the best location for metro-sexual guys. The spa target is totally different from another branches. That's why we thought a new look of spa. We ended up with Art & Fashion Spa concept.
For this branches, we involved all process. For instance, the new service, the room's titled, the copy-writing. The room titled created from the type of treatment service. All visual in treatment room inspired by a room titled. We designed graphic panel for all 11 rooms. We already posted the image in Moon Dance, Star Dust Promise, Granite Silence and Amber Melt.
And same as we did before, we did all graphic for this project. Signage, window display graphic, directory graphic and this is our first time for carpet design.

Logotypes & Letters designed by us.

Our logotypes & letters during 2002 - 2009. In 4 sectors of client business: retail, media, culture and professional service.