Tuesday, 16 December 2008

"by the rest of the world" Notebookers network!

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เป็น email ของ Manuela Sao Simao จาก porto, portugal เป็นคนนึงที่งาน colors notebook ได้ตีพิมพ์รวมเล่ม
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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

designers' saturday 5 identity

The brief was to promote the design event & design workshop by creating an identity, promotional material, print material. The identity is a simple numerical "five"combined with bright yellow & london grey colour. For this year, we have fully range of print & product such as postcard, poster, catalogue, e-card, drinking water, limited edition handbag & t-shirt.

"Quit is Good!" Postcard series for Thai Health Promotion Foundation

postcard design for "Quit is Good" the campaign for quit to smoke & drink, Thai Health Promotion Foundation
participate in the Bangkok Design Festival 08
For You, For Everyone - many faces on the light green colour
Life Exit - playing with pictogram on the fire exit signage
Hurt Card (work with SpaceShift studio) - double meaning with thai and english for teenage lover