Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tomorrow is Already Here

Bangkok Fashion Now & Tomorrow is a fashion publication series published by the Bangkok Fashion City Project, under the Ministry of Industry. Funded by the Royal Thai Government, this publication project attempt to promote the glamour of Thai Fashion by top designers to a local and oversea audience, a campaign to promote Bangkok as a fashion centre in Asia.

First published in 2006. Produced by TTIS Co.,Ltd., come in six volumes, each with its own name and theme under Bangkok Fashion Now & Tomorrow series. Cover a wide range of fashion sectors from Scream ( haute couture), Street (ready-to-wear), Stone (Jewellery), Spun (fabric bibles), Skin (leather fashion accessories) and Speed (new young design talents)

Editor-in-Chief : Kullawit Laosuksri
Fashion Director: Jirat Subpisankul
Creative Director: Pratarn Teeratada
Art Director: Piyapong Bhumichitra
Designers: Pinida Chaikul, Manussanit Srirajongdee

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Global Warming: Everything we do can change the world.

What we love to do for this project is a new way of seeing and understanding the global warming problem with the pretty good colleague from Green World Foundation Thailand. Written by Thinant Sristhita, edited by Tang moonchinda. It's like a feeling of making manga that we known from Bakuman (japanese manga series about high-school mangakas!) Thinant gave us a named (like a story-board) then we created an illustration. We can change everything they want for fit the lay-out. This is the great experience for us.

British Film Festival 2004 - Live Forever!

British Film Festival 2004 Catalogue designed for British Council Thailand
24 pages full colour with UK films preview & show time, because of the low quality images, we tried to design in maximal elements such as collage celebrity album.