Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Cover design for "Green World Magazine", the final print issue.

After the project "Global Warming: Everything we do can change the world". We have many chances to work with Green World Foundation, Thailand. Especially, the cover design for Green World Magazine, the most renowned ecology magazine in Thailand. This mag was launched in March 1991 and surly, they are only one magazine that focus on deep and radical ecology for the environmentally-conscious. Many fans who follow this bi-monthly magazine understand their mission as well.

17 years later, the foundation committee decided to stop the magazine print version. They will continue only in their website. ( All images above are our sketch design for the last issue in print. The first one is the chosen layout for Green World magazine cover issue 100. Inside the final issue, they capture an environmental issue in Rayong, fully-industrial province in the eastern of Thailand. Our idea so very simple. Make an illustration from many free icon and pictogram. As you can see every layouts, they are many stories focus on environmental issue between people and industrial world. Don't bias from any information. What we was trying to say is .... farewell party to the 17th anniversary of deeply ecological magazine. Hopefully, we'll see you again someday in our life.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Thailand Graduate Fashion Week 2008

We designed all visual direction for the first time of "Thailand Graduated Fashion Week" produced by AV Project and Contango in the mid year of 2008. No need to present same as the typical fashion event. No need model with or collection's images. The funniest thing behind the process of work is the way we tried to convince client accept this untypical idea. Just one graphic image created from blooming flower. All items such as t-shirt, toe, tickets & event catalogue follow the blooming flower graphic image.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Degree Shows Annual Cover design

What is Degree Shows? The first 6 months of the year is the time when senior design students from all over Thailand bring their final year design projects to exhibit in their universities as well as in public. Presented in these annual books are the Degree Shows that collect final design projects created by the cream of 2006 and 2007 design students. We set up all the design direction for those events. For the annual book, we carry on only cover design. The first time of Degree Shows (2007), we used Unica typeface with italic style. Set up the colour scheme in Dark green and Black. For the next year (2008), we choose Chocolate typeface with Bold & Light weight. And colour scheme in dark purple and brightness pink. How about this year (2009)?

Format: 125 x 170 mm
Material: CMYK on Uncoated paper
Year: 2007 / 2008
photograph by Pongpon Yuttarat (LME)

Friday, 4 September 2009

Mokka- the old fashioned cafe & restaurant identity.

Mokka, the first project we work together. Working with the owner from the starting point was pretty good. We discuss with him from the cafe's name to the restaurant character. Finally, he choose the "Mokka" for his first restaurant. (We totally forgot why he choose this name). Finally, we followed from the shop slogan, the old fashioned cafe & restaurant. That's why we choose many ornaments from the art-nouveau style. ANd set up only black colour for all items, such as cafe logo, business card, light box, cafe sign. Unfortunately, the shop owner canceled our graphic for interior because he didn't have enough money. You can check it out why Mokka different with another restaurant. Yes, it's not because our graphic works, it's because their recipe!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Alternative (Post) modernity :an Asian Perspective by William S W Lim

Cover book design for "Alternative (Post) modernity: an Asian Perspective" by William S W Lim. Thai edition published by Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University in collaborate with art4d. We designed only Thai logotype for this book titled and cover layout. In condition with small budget & low quality image. That's why we changed those puzzles to only one colour and set them back behind the Thai logotype. First published in 2005, and sold out now.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Bookcase 2002

This is our first Bookcase .... our first furniture design. We already designed in 2002 based on the idea following our variety book formats. Solid white lacquered MDF slatted shelving unit with 6 fixed shelves with finger join detail. Designed to hold many kinds of publishing. From large format magazine such as art4d or ver magazine to medium format like The Face, i-D OPEN or Summer magazine. The smallest shelve unit designed for manga series / pocket book like penguin paperback and typical DVD format. For now... display storage becomes the heart of our room.

The Bookcase 2002: W 85 x H 220 x D 30 cm
Material: Solid white lacquered MDF storage units.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Supatra Srisook's 60th Anniversary book

Sometimes we love to do a small budget project. This book published in only one colour. So our concept is design layout like a carbon copy paper. We choose images from desktop stationery objects. Combine with Thai wording and of course, we love to play with number from the editorial contents as well.
Format: 140 x 197 mm Paperback 100 pages (include cover) Published in 2007.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Visual Direction for Singha awards. (client rejected)

This art event / awards produced and supported by Singha Corporation every years. For that year (2007), it's a 75th anniversary for Singha Corporation. They asked us to change an overall direction from traditional and conservative style to fresh / artistic / provocative / a bit fashionable / and of course, people must recognize about Singha brand when they saw our new design. From their requested ... we tried to do follow their brief ... Finally, client rejected our design because they think it's not recognize Singha ... and it's look like a .... british council print media ...

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

COLORS NOTEBOOK live in Vienna, Austria.

Don't think about Bruno, when someone talk about Austria. Let's talk about recently project from FABRICA in Vienna, Austria. For the People From the People at Mak Design Space, Vienna, Austria. From 17 June - 16 August 2009. This project include "COLORS NOTEBOOK exhibition". Rachel Katstaller took some pictures from outside the gallery. She said her pictures aren't good at all. But try to find your Notebook! Luckily, you can see our notebook in the center. If you know the southern of thailand traditional puppet shows, you'll know which one is our notebook.

Bangkok Design Festival 09 - logotype & visual direction

Logotype and visual direction for Bangkok Design Festival 2009. For this year, festival director brief us the whole concept idea "Balancing The Future". Of course, it's follow the green / sustainability / trend. Sound bored? That's why we created key visual in a cloud with rainbow spectrum background. They required both English & Thai marketing material. As you will see the 2 logos in English & Thai.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Green Packaging Exhibition - The logotype design process.

Logotype for "Green Packaging", a traveling exhibition curated by Material Connexion Bangkok. This exhibition contains an information about the packaging that is pretty much linked to consumption and waste. The more people consume, the more packaging they use, the more waste we have. We worked with all(zone), a group of happy design professionals who joyfully collaborate with other specialists across the borders of their fields and country. Working with all(zone) throughout the process was great fun, since we always had interesting discussions, exchanging ideas, alternating design and so on. Very exciting indeed.
For this exhibition, we carry on visual and information design. For this part, we work with "The God Net", the greatest young graphic designer of this time. And here is the process of work on exhibition logotype.
The logotype idea is very simple, think about consumer products on the shelf. We create a Logotype that can move and change in many directions. The logotype system based on the order processing. And of course, we follow the exhibition design that create like in a supermarket where you are overwhelmed by all the products with different labels and packaging.